Moms Know Moms Best

A question big companies often ask themselves: How do we reach the mom market? It may come as no surprise that it is a hard market to reach if you don’t really know what this select group of women want. However, if you are the woman behind Mom Central, you’re ready to let them know.

Stacy DeBroff was shocked at how disconnected so many companies were from the market they were trying to reach. So, she did something about it, reports Inc.

In response, DeBroff took Mom Central, a website she launched in 2007 to give parenting advice and tips, and transformed it into a social media agency focused on Moms. Utilizing what DeBroff calls “relationship marketing,” Mom Central connects brands with influential mom-bloggers, twitter personalities, and other influencers to launch word-of-mouth buzz about a product. DeBroff says these “mom-influencers” reach the core of the busy mom audience with their passion for brands.

“If moms are deciding on what kind of pacifier to use, they’d much rather hear from an articulate person who is experienced than hearing the brand tell them why the product is the best,” DeBroff explains.

After a formal launch of the consulting services in April 2008, DeBroff said brands were immediately drawn to reaching moms in this new way, and the company now works with more than 200 national brands from their office in Newton, Massachusetts, to create targeted social media marketing strategies catering to the mom demographic.

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