If you’re a beer enthusiast with an iPhone, Opena has created a unique phone case you will love. All you need to do is slide out the bottle cap opener and — pop — your beer is ready to drink, reports Inventor Spot.

Now, thanks to some enterprising young beer-swillers from Down Under, you can open your bottled beer with the same iPhone that you used to get to your destination station. The Opena iPhone case makes it easy to remove bottle caps from bottles, beer bottles specifically, with a sliding, stainless steel bottle opener.

Those of you more cynical martini types will likely ask, “But what about the beer that gets all shaken up before being opened? Won’t it ruin the iPhone?” Shame on you for even thinking about shaking the beer… that is so immature! After rigorous testing under the most stringently controlled laboratory conditions, the inventors have more than proven to the investors that the suds will not reach the circuitry if the device is properly applied.

Video after the jump.

Photo by Opena