Inventors Celebrating Thomas Edison’s Birthday At Free Invention Expo


Sarah Miller Caldicott, the legendary inventor’s grand niece and author of “Innovate like Edison” is among an illustrious roster of speakers from 10 AM to 6 PM. Attendees will be treated to a phantasmagoric display of remarkable inventions stretching across a wide spectrum of creativity. Attendees also have a chance of winning a valuable door prize!

All inventors are invited to participate and display their inventions for free, said Leo Mazur, President of South Florida Inventors Society, organizer of the event called “Resources 2012.”

According to Mazur, it’s called “Resources 2012” because it is meant to show inventors all the resources available to them and to educate them so they can become the resource that industry needs. He is financing this event himself because he believes so strongly that independent inventors can become a driving force to our economy.

For more information, go to or call Leo Mazur at 561-676-5677. Persons planning to attend can save time by pre-registering at [the website] and click on Attendee.

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