Musical Tool Land Inventor In The Shark Tank

Dothan Eagle:

Thirty years ago, Travis Perry watched as guitar students of all ages became frustrated during lessons. Many would give up within 60 days – a time Perry calls the “two-month hump.”

Perry eventually stopped teaching guitar and went to college. He played with the band Silverado, lived in Nashville for a while, owned a music store in downtown Dothan, sold real estate, and hosted a bluegrass music show. He returned to teaching guitar four years ago when the housing market began to take a nose dive. Students, he found, were still struggling to make it past those first two months.

Perry even had trouble teaching a Taylor Swift song to his own 8-year-old daughter, Brady. Frustrated with learning the guitar, she was ready to give up. That’s when Perry shared an idea for a device that would attach to the guitar and allow a player to learn chords and play with just the push of four simple, color-coded buttons.

The first Chord Buddy was sold in October 2010.

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