Health Drinks Have Gone To The Dogs

According to, Brian Conlon didn’t intend to create a health drink for dogs. He happened upon the idea by accident, and Woofit was born.

We had built a new shed onto the old one in the garden, but there was a crack in the perspex roof so when it rained little drops of water would fall off onto the ground. My son had come down with a big bag of dog food and just put it on the floor, so I went out and bought an oval-shaped bowl to keep it in. It just so happened that I put it under the leaking roof.

When the rain dripped down it ran into the bag of food which caused a gravy-like juice to gather at the other end of the bowl. When we let the dogs out to run around the field they went straight for it and couldn’t get enough of it.

I was taking lots of mineral and nutrients to help my health – glucosamine for flexible joints and omega oils – so I decided to add them to it to make a product that not only appealed to dogs taste-wise but was also naturally good for them. I couldn’t keep melting down the biscuits though so I contacted a firm in the Midlands who supplied me with beef essence as an alternative.

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