Accessories For iPad Users With Disabilities

Making life easier for people in need is always good business, as one entrepreneur has discovered.

The assistive devices started really by accident. My first handmade product was an iPad stylus made from a highly conductive fabric sock (knitted by my wife!) that can be wrapped around any pen holder (the Stylus Socks). They worked pretty good and people from around the world started buying them from my Etsy shop.

Then one day I got an email from an American quadriplegic patient who went to the local Apple store looking for a mouthstick pointer for his iPad. The Apple staff couldn’t help him directly with a product, but started searching the web for possible solutions. Then they discovered my socks, his wife ordered the regular stylus, took the sock of and wrapped it around his existing mouthstick. And it worked great! So I started developing a ready-to-use mouthstick for the iPad and found a new niche in assistive technology.

Image from ShapeDad

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