The gym and fitness sector has boomed over the past few years, and Anytime Fitness is at the forefront of that growth. With revenue of $4.9 million and over 300 franchises now sold, co-owners Justin McDonnell and Jacinta McDonnell-Jimenez need to manage growth extremely carefully.

Part of that involves keeping the franchisees happy. Jacinta says managing all those relationships can be hard, and the company’s had to introduce a few new changes to ensure satisfaction.

It’s been nearly half a year since we last spoke – how are things at Anytime?
In the past five months we’ve opened quite a few clubs and sold more territories. We have over 300 now, and we’re at 137 clubs opened. We’ve actually sold 315 as of today.

And how soon do you want to get those franchisees with their own clubs? Read on…