Gold Prices Drive Business Growth

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In almost every way Nevada is still reeling from the recession. It has the highest unemployment rate in the country at almost 13 percent, and one of the highest foreclosure rates. But in the northeast corner of the state, almost 500 miles from the Vegas strip, li

In Nevada’s gold country the global boom that’s pushed gold prices to an all-time high – currently hovering around $1,700 per ounce — brought an influx of jobs to mining towns like Elko, Nev., population 18,000.

The last time I was in Elko (on January 1, 2000!) the price of gold was about $280 an ounce and the place was nearly a ghost town, except for quaint institution of small town Nevada casinos. I can only imagine how the town has changed now that gold is going for $1600!

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