QVC Picks Up Inventors Creation For Staying Cool

The News Star:

Wiley Ezell loved umpiring high school baseball in northeastern Louisiana, but after he passed out from the heat on a particularly stifling day, the former Jackson Parish insurance agent was determined to find some relief.

Ezell couldn’t find an existing product that suited his needs, so he invented one, the Cool Neck, a flexible cooling neck wrap that reduces the core body temperature.

The original Cool Neck led to two more products in Ezell’s Delta Gear company, a heating and cooling vest called The Contender and a heating and cooling neck wrap called The Element.

He said the Cool Wrap and other products “have a million different uses. You can wrap it on an injury on the field immediately to prevent swelling. It can bring relief for a headache. There are endless uses.”

Photo by Michael Nottebrock

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