When it comes to technology, Apple has been looking toward the future for a long time. The car is no different, reports Cnet.

The project joins a short list of others that did not come to fruition ahead of Jobs’ death last October, but have since been revealed. Per a conversation noted in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Jobs last year, the CEO and inventor was also eyeing a TV set, which Apple is rumored to still be working on. Jobs had also worked with French designer Philippe Starck to architect the interior design of a yacht, a project that has since been taken over by Jobs’ wife.

Apple has historically been hands-off in developing any specific technologies for automobiles, though during the iPod’s boom years the company dabbled in partnerships that more deeply integrated the device inside of automobiles. A more recent effort by Mercedes-Benz aims to integrate Siri, Apple’s voice assistant for the iPhone 4S, in the company’s A-Class cars.