How to Be a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is an aspect of market research where you are hired to pretend to be a “real customer” to evaluate products and services you receive. Companies use this information to gauge competition, train new hires, and reward employees. The result is that you get to make extra income just by shopping and giving your opinion! Mystery shopping can be done anytime and anywhere.

Every business gets shopped: apartment buildings, restaurants, banks, retail stores, movie theaters, self- storage facilities, cell phone providers, daycare providers, car rental companies, postal services, grocery stores, golf ranges, hotels, amusement parks, websites, online retailers, health care providers, and more! As a shopper, you only take the assignments that appeal to you, and if you need a week, month, or even a year off, it’s ok. As long as you do good work, there will always be companies that need your opinion.

The Mystery Shopper Training Program Book: All You Ever Wanted To Know About The Best Part-Time Job by Bethany Mooradian is 230 pages with information on what companies expect, how to keep track of your business, tools of the trade, the different types of mystery shops, writing reports, sample forms, breaking the myths, what to do if you get caught, what to do when shops go horribly wrong, how to start your own mystery shopping company, scam information, other types of market research, and a list of over 170 legitimate mystery shopping companies, schedulers, and resources.

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