Food Trucks Start Retail Revolution

The Flower Truck


Who would have thought that Food Trucks would start a retailing revolution in the United States? Imagine purchasing records, flowers and clothing from what used to be exclusively called “Food Trucks.” Could these new retailing trucks turn the old retailing models on its head, or are they great small business opportunities?

Look no further that the August 2012 issue of InStyle magazine (p. 50). This single page article reveals the impact food trucks are having on the U.S. retailing industry. And if you thought finding a food truck parking spot was tough, it will only get tougher! InStyle magazine shows pictures and business briefs for the following retail concepts:

  • The Fashion Truck – flirty dresses and Ya Los Angeles’ nautical striped dresses
  • TMR Rolling Record Store – fresh pressed vinyl and T-shirts
  • The Styleliner – limited-edition accessories
  • The Flower Truck – fresh blooms and big bouquets
  • The Lodekka Double Decker – vintage dresses to rad men’s ties and
  • BootLeg Austin – hard to find shoes like Esquivel and J Shoes

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