There is no shortage of advice available for entrepreneurs on how to grow a business. But to positively affect the bottom line, Brian Miller, COO of Business Partner Franchising, LLC says, “There are only two areas that create revenue for a company – marketing and sales. All other activities contribute only to expenses.”

A recent survey showed that 87 percent of executives believe marketing and sales are the most pivotal activities in terms of accelerating growth for a company. However, one force that can drive more business to a brand and make a key difference for a company in a marketplace is creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and then communicating it effectively.

“A USP defines what makes you unique and more valuable in the market,” says Miller. “In marketing, there is the old adage – differentiate or die. I help clients establish a USP that will drive business and sales and leave an indelible mark for their brand.”