Startup Stay is a global community for entrepreneurs that travel. It’s for people going on business trips who are interested in tapping into the local startup community. Since its launch earlier this summer, Startup Stay has spread worldwide into 200 cities in 60 countries with over 1,300 users. And this is just the beginning.

As opposed to staying in a hotel or an AirBnB, where the opportunities to network are often slim, Startup Stay offers a model similar to couch surfing. Locals open up their homes to travelers in an effort to promote cultural exchange and forge meaningful connections. The community on Startup Stay is vetted and consists of entrepreneurs.

“The value proposition is simple,” said founder Fred Caballero. “You stay with a host who is a like-minded entrepreneur. You avoid accommodation costs, but also connect, exchange ideas, use your skills to help each other, and tap into their business network as part of the full travel experience.”

Whose couch do you wish you could crash for just one night?

Photo by Betsssssy