Facebook’s Enhanced Targeting: A Boon for Social Media Marketing

The following is a guest post.

Though there is not much information released to public about Enhanced Targeting tool from Facebook, it seems to be a great tool for marketers and this tool can target a particular set of audience depending on 2 metrics which is language and location. “There are countless avenues for directly reaching out to consumers, and for cultivating strong user engagement — and as social networks continue to flourish, those avenues are growing more numerous all the time,” says a great entrepreneur Rich Gorman.

Have you ever thought about whether whatever content you share in social media platforms like Facebook is reaching the exact target audience? In order to achieve this, Facebook has introduced a new marketing tool known as “Page Post Enhanced Targeting”. Though not much information about this new enhanced targeting tool has been posted online, it seems like a great tool for online marketing.

The enhanced post targeting helps the owners of Facebook pages to target posts towards specific audience based on relationship status, language, age, interested in, educational status, gender and relationship status. Though they don’t offer the exact geographic precision similar to Facebook Ads, they provide lot of additional value to target audience of particular demography. You can find out more about how this is beneficial to online marketers and how to make use of this enhanced targeting tool. There are 2 ways for controlling the viewers of your posts which include,

  1. News feed targeting which can optimize the reach of a post
  2. Limit post audience which allows only certain people to view it

When you write a targeted post, it will be visible to all users who have liked your Fan page and also target audience present in news feeds. The other people who have not liked your fan page or present in audience of news feed, won’t be able to view the posts. The Enhanced page post targeting permits users to target audience based on different set of demographics such as,

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Education
  4. Relationship status
  5. Interested In
  6. Workplace
  7. College Grad
  8. In High School

This can be a great benefit for marketers who want to target a small group of audience, for example school going students or College Graduates. The aim of starting a Facebook marketing campaign is to make sure that it reaches maximum range of audience. With enhanced page post targeting, you can reach specific market segments and increase your customer base rapidly. You can focus posts towards particular gender or particular age group of audience. This allows market segmentation and targeting more specifically and will drive related traffic to Facebook pages which can enhance engagement among fans. But the target audience should be chosen carefully by the marketer and only based on this the campaign will be more effective. Sometimes marketers feel that single page or post won’t be sufficient to serve the overall purpose of marketing campaign and hence they might need different pages to target different set of audience. Facebook pages which has more than 100 likes can make use 8 enhanced post page targeting options free of cost and also Facebook offers “Targeted To” count which helps the marketers to understand the volume of their fan base. But the new targeting options do not allows page owners to target on specific interests like music, cinema or books.

The advantage of enhanced targeting is increased EdgeRank and reach since most big brands have a wide range of audience on their pages including old men, youngsters, women, couples, college grads, school students etc. By using enhanced page post targeting, the brand owners will be able to reach specific audience and also increase the Edgerank which is the news feed algorithm used by Facebook to display the posts to users who have liked your fan page. This helps in more engagement among users and also increases your visibility. You can also understand how successful your marketing campaign is based on the number of visitors in each group which can help you get better success. Also you can tailor the contents of your posts based on the target audience which will interest that particular group. The above are some of advantages of enhanced targeting from Facebook which is a great boon for marketers.

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