It may not be a boat or submarine, but “Noah” might save person or small family if encountered with an earthquake and tsunami mix.

After the March 11 disaster, which devastated a wide swathe of Japan’s northeastern coast and left 20,000 dead or presumed dead, Tanaka decided to create a personal flotation device that could survive both an earthquake and the tsunami that might follow.

“Noah” is about 1.2 meters in diameter, with one hatch, one glass window and two holes for drainage and ventilation. It’s made out of fiber reinforced plastic, which Tanaka said is lighter but also stronger than steel.

It keeps water out and its occupants afloat, all the while protecting them from floating debris. Its bright yellow color was designed to attract the attention of rescuers.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, it’s small enough to fit into an average Japanese home.

Image from Cosmo Power

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