Creating Electricity With Bicycle Power

Bicycles has been used to wash laundry, power the TV, and as an alternative form of transportation. A man in Seoul has now made it his main source of electricity, but creating a bicycle generator for his own home.

[Interview : Moon Jang-man, Inventor ] “The generator is attached to the bicycle so that electricity is created when you push the pedals.”

Three years ago, Moon Jang-man was working out of the back of a truck. He needed a way to use electricity without the high cost.

That’s how the bicycle generator was born. It can even be used to charge cell phones.

[Interview : Moon Jang-man, Inventor ] “This can be very useful in mountainous areas or in countries without electricity. With just this one generator, you can provide an entire village with light.”

The battery for the generator is made out of an old washing machine motor.

Even at home, Moon Jang-man continues to save electricity when he can. Riding the bicycle generator for two hours creates 73 kWh a year. His wife helps him with his endeavors.

[Interview : Jo Myeong-hui, Wife of Moon Jang-man] “I can work out while watching my favorite show. Then when my show ends, I can stop pedaling and the electricity will shut off automatically. We can save energy and get exercise at the same time. It’s wonderful.”

Photo by ilker ender

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