Chicken Wings Take Flight on Super Sunday


Here’s a fun fact: Only in the last month did I learn how to correctly eat chicken wings. Sounds like I was just in time, too, because the Wing Experts at Wingstop are prepping for the biggest day of the year when they expect to sell more than 6 million wings at 550 locations across the country. Wingstop expects Super Sunday business to be up 15 percent over last year, and if Wingstop reaches its goal this will be the 13th straight year the company has set a big game sales record.

“The Super Bowl is the second biggest eating holiday of the year, after Thanksgiving. With the growing demand for wings, we are gearing up for this to be our biggest year yet,” said Charlie Morrison, Wingstop president and CEO.

Last year the National Chicken Council projected more than 1 billion chicken wings would be consumed during Super Bowl weekend. According to the National Restaurant Association, 48 million Americans get takeout for the game, and 63 percent list chicken wings as their “must-have” snack, surpassing pizza and topped only by dips or spreads.

Chicken wing stats:

  • Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest eating holiday, after Thanksgiving.
  • Last year the National Chicken Council projected 1.25 billion wings were consumed.
  • If 1.25 billion wings were laid end-to-end they would circle the Earth more than twice.

BTW, Wingstop is franchising.

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