DVDNow Kiosks Business Opportunity

Thanks in part to companies like Redbox, the demand for movies that are easy to access is on the rise. That popularity has only helped bring DVDNow to the attention of movie-loving entrepreneurs that are hoping for a chance to make money selling videos using a similar system.

Unlike their competitor, though, their kiosks can be placed in various stores, school campuses, hospitals or apartment complexes. Owner operators are able to pick and choose the locations they like most. DVDNow is also allowed to stock a new release as soon as it comes out, which is something their competition is restricted from doing.

Owner operators are provided with the machine itself and full support from the company. Equipped with full technical and customer support, DVDNow Kiosks, Inc. is very accessible and accommodating to their customers. New owner operators are provided with full training, professional instillation, sales and marketing material (and that’s just to name a few of the perks).

DVDNow Kiosk owners have the ability to completely rebrand their machines. Movies are chosen and prices are set by the owners themselves. Customers can reserve movies and check out new releases online as each owner operator has complete control over their company website. This being said, accessibility, support and flexibility make DVDNow a very strong competitor in the kiosk industry and a perfect option for entrepreneurs looking to make it work for them.

Logo from DVDNow

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