If you’re looking for a way to stop your kids from losing their straws, one mom-owned company has “the strawlution”.

Unlike most straws that will slip out just as easily as they slip in, Straw-lution straws are made to stay where you put them. They have little hooks, much like a fishing hook but not as complex, that help stop a straw from pulling out once it has been pushed in. Their straws can be used in lieu of regular straws or they can be pushed into the aluminum tops of yogurt for a treat on the go.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Jamie, the mom behind this unique straw, about her business and the inspiration for it.

Tell us a little about Straw-lution.

The Straw-lution straw is the first ever- “straw that goes in but doesn’t come out!!

What inspired it? I had three babies in three years!

They are now, three, four, and five years old; and they get ALL the credit for the inspiration!!

How many colors do they come in?

Four colors: Pink, Blue, Green, and Yellow.

How much does a package of straws cost?


Any new products/designs in the works? If so, can you give us a hint as to what we can expect?

We do have some ideas and tricks up our sleeves, but we are taking it one day at a time!!

How long did it take for you to design then manufacture your unique straws?

Designing it took about ten minutes on my dinning room table, with some scissors, old straws, a curling iron and a soldering iron!! The manufacturing, however, took about two years!!!

What was that process like for you?

It’s a complete roller coaster ride! Some days it’s incredible, some days it’s scary and overwhelming, other days I’m ready to give up, but whenever I get to share it with someone new and see their reaction… I’m always inspired to keep it up!!

What are some lessons that your business has taught you?

I wish I could say patience! I feel like I’m doing better in that department, but it’s only because I don’t have a choice! I’m certainly having to learn how to juggle WAY more than I ever thought possible!

Is there anything else about your business that you’d like to share?

The best part about the straws are the benefits that I never imagined, and that other people are sharing with me! I obviously invented it for busy parents and the convenience it can provide with less mess, portable option for drinking and snacking. But to hear how children and adults with disabilities are benefiting from the straw, to hear about elderly that are regaining independence because of the straw. To think of the environmental benefits, the safety of animals… It’s extremely humbling!

Do you have any advice for fellow mompreneurs that are just getting started?

Well, patience is important but lets face it not necessary!! You just won’t have a choice in the matter!!! Do lots of networking, surround yourself with as much support as possible, don’t be afraid to ask because most people are happy to share or help, and most importantly BREATHE!!!