Scratch and Sniff


Why smell like denim when you can smell like raspberries?

If the idea intrigues you, why not try on a pair of Scratch-n-Sniff Raspberry Scented jeans, which were released worldwide by Montreal-based Naked & Famous Denim on Tuesday.

“These jeans actually smell like raspberry candy when scratched,” the company claims on its site.

The jeans are coated in tiny capsules – “mini microcapsules” – that contain a raspberry-scented, perfume-like substance. When scratched, the capsules release the scent.

According to the company, the smell will last through at least five washes. After that your jeans smell just like everyone else’s. Talk about a company incentivizing not washing your pants! Think about what this will do for the environment! (Sarcasm.)

This isn’t our first scratch and sniff couture. Last year, we pointed to some South Korean businessmen who’s suits emit a pleasant aroma when rubbed.