Move Over Authors, Design Studios Are “Making” Books

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Do your kids spend more time on your iPad than you do? Has reading time evolved from hardcovers to the Kindle? More parents are using tablets not only to entertain their children, but to teach them valuable lessons as well.

Every Walrus Can Fly is the first book from the award-winning digital design studio The Basement. Families are invited to explore the world of a young walrus pup as he overcomes the obstacle of his natural inability to fly.

The playful cadence and lush illustration of Every Walrus Can Fly will appeal to kids, while parents will appreciate the messages of determination, problem solving and how a few saved pennies can go a long way.

“I was writing this book as though I was writing an animated film,” says Brian Phillips, author of Every Walrus Can Fly and executive creative director for The Basement. “I wanted to create an unexpected way of telling my son that if you dream big and work hard, anything is possible.”

As a national digital design studio and one of the few approved development partners of Barnes & Noble for their Nook kids™ Read and Play platform, The Basement saw and understood the value of releasing this eBook, not just on the Nook kids™ platform, but on the other major digital book platforms as well; Apple iBooks, Google Play and Amazon’s Kindle bookstore.

“We are excited to have such a rich story available to the public, no matter what tablet or platform they choose,” says Jacob Leffler, president of The Basement.

The Basement is also planning an app and a film version of Every Walrus Can Fly.

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