High Tech Smoking Lounges: Growing Biz in Switzerland

Photo by ahuynh55


On the sixth floor of the Bon Génie, sitting opposite the huge windows with a view on the rooftops of Molard Square in Geneva, it’s easy to imagine you’re in an elegant bar in the 1950s. You even have a ciggy dangling from the corner of your mouth – because smoking is allowed up here. In fact it’s the raison d’être of this new smoker’s lounge, whose retro décor, designed by the firm Version B, is something of an ode to men’s fashion.

On one side are coffee tables and oak chairs covered with leather. On the other side, there are Egg armchairs by Arne Jacobsen, a black Bakelite telephone and an old flea market record player. It hardly comes as a surprise that in this era of ever more restrictive smoking laws, when people often have to brave the elements just to take a drag, the Bon Génie would be an instant hit among smokers. Besides offering a roof, which is something smokers already appreciate, it also provides an environment with real style.

Photo by ahuynh55.

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