Breakthrough Entrepreneurship

What separates the world’s extraordinary entrepreneurs from the millions more whose efforts fail to achieve a breakthrough? The most important distinction is whether they have access to the proven entrepreneurial framework that the top performers use to build value and achieve their goals. Without this kind of structure and guidance, even the brightest, most tenacious innovators most often fall short. Now, Breakthrough Entrepreneurship closes the gap. Jon Burgstone is the founding Faculty Chair at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of California, Berkeley. He’s studied entrepreneurship for years and advised hundreds of new ventures on how to succeed. Moreover, he practiced exceptional entrepreneurship as the co-founder and CEO of SupplierMarket, an Internet technology firm that sold for $1.1 billion in a record 362 days. Working with business journalist Bill Murphy Jr., Burgstone has now written a book that can help just about any aspiring founder to build a great new venture. Burgstone and Murphy distill key lessons from the experiences of today’s most interesting entrepreneurs-people like Peter Thiel (PayPal, Facebook), Jim Koch (Boston Beer Co.), Wendy Kopp (Teach for America), and many, many others. You don’t have to be the most knowledgeable person in the field to succeed as an entrepreneur. You don’t have to be the founder with the most “advanced” ideas to come out on top. You just need to be the best at recognizing opportunities, minimizing risk, and following through. Breakthrough Entrepreneurship shows you how.

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