Selling Advertising on Toilet Paper

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A company called Star Toilet Paper gives away free roles of toilet paper, preprinted with coupons and advertising to bars, apartment buildings, theatres, stadiums and offices. The Journal News has more:

There will be more than graffiti to read in local public bathroom stalls if two Blind Brook High School graduates succeed in marketing toilet paper printed with advertising and coupons.

The two-ply toilet paper is printed with a soybean-based ink. Readers obtain coupons by using their cellphones to read printed codes on the paper or by visiting the company’s website.

The brothers have secured about 50 advertisers, which pay $99 for 20,000 advertisements that appear on approximately 160 rolls. Venues that agree to carry the toilet paper receive it for free.

Star Toilet Paper uses the highest quality of toilet paper. All of their toilet paper is:

  • Comfortable to use
  • 100% recycled, environmentally friendly
  • Non-abrasive ink (soybean-based)
  • Septic safe
  • Easy to read!
  • Custom printed to feature great coupons from local companies

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