Feed Your Pet from Your iPhone

Does this happen to you: does your pet’s empty food disk call out to you? Ever time you walk past it do you feel an overwhelming need to refill it? If so, you’re not alone.

Here’s the truth: most people overfeed their pets.

What if there was some way to stop that? And, what if that way was an iPhone?

That is the exactly the answer the guys at Pintofeed came up with. Their solution to the overfeeding of pets is an intelligent pet feeder.

With your iPhone, or other smart phone, you can remotely connect to your dog/cat feeder from anywhere on the planet. Not only will you receive notifications that your pet has been fed on the automatically generated schedule that the artificially intelligent pet feeder has determined for your pet all by itself, but you can also remotely tell your Pintofeed to feed your pet.

The feeder itself comes in both a five pound size for small dogs and cats and a ten pound version for those larger pooches.

Pintofeed is currently in a prototype stage, and is attempting to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo to start production. When released, it is expected to be priced around $99.

A video is below.

Feed Your Pet from Your Phone with Pintofeed. from Pintofeed Inc on Vimeo.

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