For some months my daughter has been wanting to sell lemonade from a lemonade stand. Maybe it’s a “rite of passage” for kids. Maybe she wants to earn money. Maybe she likes business. Maybe it’s a bit of everything.

We were in the hot sun for 3 hours and made about $20. Not bad. Actually quite good.

What did I learn about business?

Have a variety products to serve a variety of customer types. An older lady came by our stand and said she would buy from us, but she can’t drink the acid. So she didn’t buy. In business, you need to know when (and when not) to expand your product line to meet a variety of customer segments.

Who is the best person to sell?

I wondered who would be the best person to sell our lemonade. A cute, little girl with braids holding up a sign or a 30+ guy with a sign. I think the little girl won out. Of course my daughter couldn’t hold a sign up all day. So I held the sign up for much of the time, but made sure she was quite visible at the lemonade stand.

In your own business, this is also so important. Do you send 27 year old Jenny? Or 46 year old Marry? Or 45 year old Bob. All three have their skills and talents to make the best sales for a particular customer. There is not ONE sales person that is necessarily the best for all times.


I decided to put the lemonade stand a few feet from my home, so that we could be in a place where cars could easily drive up, drivers could get out and make their purchase with ease.

In business location is so important. McDonald’s and other retailers spend lots of money picking out the optimal location for their establishments.

Online, location is important as well – in the form of search engine placement. If you are on page 5 of a search query, you’re not going to be found. You want to ensure that when the keywords that are important to you that are searched, you appear on the FIRST page of results. Preferably towards the top.

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