The billboard systems provide a new unique outdoor advertising format to reach audiences in any coastal location or waterfront event.

“It’s the only product of its size and kind that works. It’s never missed since you have no visual competition out on the water” says Peter Fleck of Sliders Inc. Mitsubishi, McDonald’s, Disney, and Red Bull are just a few advertisers who have recently utilized bbi Display systems on the water.

The products and mobile services provide a safer, environmentally friendly, and far less intrusive alternative to aerial banner towing. As a benefit for the consumer, the on-water floating billboards operate silently so there is noise for beach goers to endure.

The signage is generally towed by small fuel efficient boats that minimize impact on the environment unlike noisy, pollutant spewing banner airplanes.

In addition, the billboards operate at a maximum of 5 miles per hour outside the swim zone generally 300 yards off shore and do not pose any risk to the public.

The advertiser benefits because the mobile medium provides longer exposure at a reduced rate.

Since the units are portable, the out-of-home advertisements can be moved to various locations. The inflatable signs can simply be linked to create mega billboards of any length desired in 12′ increments.

The current record is a 72′ long floating billboard however larger sizes are easily attainable. Additionally, the inflatable signs can be displayed statically or mobile as they may be towed by boats, jet skis, golf carts and snow mobiles.

Photo by BBI Displays.

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