The Business Of Bronze

Chances are that you’ve seen someone, somewhere with a bronzed pair of ‘baby’s first shoes’. For many bronzing is synonymous with childhood. Many people have gone out of their way to have the objects that their children loved bronzed so it can be remembered forever.

That’s not all that can be bronzed, though. Just ask Dallas Nichols. He has seen a lot since he first launched Nichols Bronze in 1968. Now he spends his time offering a kit so anyone can make a little money bronzing those items that people cherish.

Tell us a little about Nichols Bronze Supply.

Nichols Bronze started in Kansas City, Mo in 1968. We moved to Sebring Florida in 1976 and we’re still here.

What inspired you to launch your business?

When my firwst child was born, I became interested in bronzing baby shoes , realizing it was really preserving memories. The following poem helped to inspire me.

How much does a kit cost?

Starter kit are as low as $300.00. Additional items may be purchased as needed.

Besides what is included in a kit, what else might an entrepreneur need before they get started?

No other expense for special equipment. The kit contains all of the items they need.

What is the most unusual item that a customer has wanted bronzed? What are some of the more common requests?

One customer in Okla did a good business bronzing baby’s first dress. I personal have done dozens of different items like a hot water bottle, farmers milk can, fishing rod, caps, gloves, shoes, boots and etc.

Your business has had a long run with over 40 years under your belt. Do you have any goals you’d still like to accomplish?

To see the economy get going again. Things have come to a halt during the past year.

Any tips you’d like to offer anyone that might be interested in launching a business using your bronzing kits?

Although business is slow due to the economy, now is a good time to get started and be ready for business when the economy comes back.

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