Get Your Idea Made: Telebrands

Often, an inventor with a limited budget may never see his or her invention go anywhere. However, if you have a little time, maybe you can grab the attention of Telebrands.

Everyone knows the As Seen on TV logo that has graced many products (like the one above). Those same products have also made millions. Telebrands launches a minimum of five products per year, and each one is a hit. They can help you turn your invention into the next As Seen goldmine.

Process: Submit your idea to [email protected]. If it’s good enough, you’ll be invited to give a five-minute pitch at an Inventors Day, which is held in various cities every six to eight weeks. “It’s like a book deal,” Khubani says. “We’re the publisher, the inventor is the author. If we like your idea, we’ll contact you.” Royalties differ depending on patents, uniqueness and other variables. You keep the rights, but Telebrands licenses them until the contract expires.

Products: Telebrands test-markets dozens of products–items that solve everyday problems, retail between $10 and $20 and have a “wow” or “aha” reaction–and whittles it down to the five best. That takes a few months, and then it can take up to a year to ramp up manufacturing.

Photo by Tim Boyd

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