Not Your Mother’s Tupperware Party

There are Tupperware parties and Mary Kay parties. Men may be legally allowed to attend such parties but they never do, because Tupperware is plastic bowls and Mary Kay is lipstick.

But now, thanks to a new Minnesota company, there are sales parties for guys, with barbecue gear as the merchandise, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

On hand in San Jose were a dozen guys who had been lured to this particular backyard by the promise of free beer.

John Schaffran is a newly minted sales rep for something called Man Cave, the outfit that is hawking the barbecue equipment. He is trying very hard to prove that men can, in the company of friends and a “party” setting, fall for a catalog full of high-priced gewgaws as readily as any female of the species.

While the chicken cooked, Schaffran tried to get folks interested in his company’s other fine and indispensable wares, which consisted of a set of rollers for cooking bratwurst, a giant spatula big enough to flip four burgers at a time and a branding iron for burning the owner’s initials into a sirloin steak.

Photo by The San Francisco Chronicle.

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