Self Heating Butter Knife

Electric Butter Knife

One of the things you figure out in adulthood is that butter lasts longer in the fridge, but its lack of spreadability makes for horrible buttered toast. You’ve probably also figured out that popping the stick of butter into the microwave and pressing the 1 minute cook button also ruins the butter, although in a different way.

If this sounds like you (and it does sound like me!), the UK baker Walburtons has got something just for you.

This Electric Butter Knife should make the whole process of buttered toast for breakfast just a tad less troublesome. Made by UK bakery Walburtons, the knife lets you spread cold butter straight onto bread. No forcibly squishing it, no waiting till it thaws out and no getting creative with the way you lay down the dairy product on your slice of toast. Just turn on the heating feature and watch that refrigerated butter melt while you slice off a piece. The Electric Butter Knife uses two AA batteries to heat up the blade, wrapping it in a surface temperature of 41.8 degrees centigrade. A button on the handle activates the heating elements, with a flashing LED indicator informing you it’s running. When heated, the blade should be able to spread cold butter straight onto a slice of bread in as short as 30 seconds.

Pricing is not yet available.

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