Potato Farmer/Inventor Makes Sorters Affordable

The Packer:

Jones said he was motivated to create the E-Sorter because he wanted to give growers a better option at a better price. He said there are a of lot high-tech sorting/grading machines with expensive computerized scanners and cameras that were designed with the process in mind, but not the grower.

“I started working on this idea while I was still farming,” Jones said at his booth on the Potato Expo trade show floor. “I worked on it for three years then and another five after I got out of growing.”

The one thing that Jones would not compromise on was the cost of the machine. Consequently, affordability became the No. 1 item on a checklist of six considerations he calls “critical attributes.”

“If the growers can’t afford to buy the machine, it’s no good to anyone,” he said.

The other five attributes on his list are: consistent accuracy, serviceability, intuitive operation, scalability and adaptability. Jones said his commitment to his six critical attributes slowed the development of the E-Sorter.

The E-Sorter can be set up with four lanes that sort and grade 400 cwt. per hour. For larger operations, it can grow to 24 lanes and handle 2,400 cwt. per hour.

Photo by Dave McLear

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