Leaf Guard Keeps Garages Clean

Every fall, when the leaves fall to the ground, there is a risk of leaves piling in your garage whenever the door is opened. So, Elvin Hayes decided to create his own Debris and Leaf Guard.

“A driveway is no more than a shuffleboard for leaves and debris and so I was working on this thing for three years and because I got tired of leaves blowing in my garage,” Hayes said.

However, you may wonder how your car gets into your garage.

“They mash it down and it goes back up and they do it over and and they do it again and they said, wow that’s okay,” he said.

It’s made of plastic and fiber glass reinforcement.

It’s been a couple months since his invention went on the market, and it’s already spread nationwide, all the way from Kansas to Texas.

The guard costs $130.

Photo by Marsanne Petty

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