Amaze’n Mazes Business Opportunity

Wandering around the web searching for unusual business ideas I found a very nice one – an American company that offer custom-made wooden and plastic mazes, called Amaze’n Maze. The idea itself is fresh, interesting and I was also surprised by company’s approach to this business:

An Amaze’n Maze isn’t just about wandering around inside looking for the exit. When entering the maze, guests receive a passport with their start time. Maze runners must locate four checkpoints, each with a letter they punch on their passport. The object is to spell the word “maze” then exit as quickly as possible. Guests with the fastest times win prizes. People want to run the maze over and over, improving their times to win better prizes, and having lots of fun in the process. The best thing about this business idea is it’s relatively low cost: the company can construct a 4,600 square foot maze complete with observation deck, two elevated checkpoints, and operating components – for approximately $72,000 on an existing concrete or asphalt surface. With no moving parts, there are no mechanical parts to break down. Guests are “low maintenance,” too: Once inside the maze, they’re off on their own and require little assistance from you. Very few attractions have as low an initial cost, simplicity of operation, or broad appeal. Requiring only one operator, mazes have a low overhead. If you ran the maze yourself, you might be able to make a thousand dollars or more per day.

What do you think? Could your town use a maze?

By Ksenia Rostova for the Business Opportunities Weblog. Ksenia is a small business entrepreneur in Latvia.

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