Adopt a Maple Tree – $120

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Burlington Free Press:

It makes Bob Vasseur chuckle that people from around the world have “adopted” maple trees in his family’s Bragg Hill sugarbush through his neighbor Dori Ross’s year-old Tonewood Maple business.

Vasseur, 80, has been sugaring, he said, “as long as I can remember and then some.” The three-generation operation sells most of its syrup direct to customers and some in bulk to distributors.

Now for $120 plus shipping, people can adopt a tree in the Vasseur sugarbush for one year.

It is not the tree that is shipped, of course, but its sweet products.

Vasseur Brother Dairy and Maple Sugar Farm on Bragg Hill has been in the family for generations. Currently patriarch Bob oversees the operation, working closely with three generations of Vasseurs to produce some of the best maple syrup in Vermont.

The Vasseurs run a tight-knit, bustling operation, based on familial ties and traditions. Embracing simplicity and generations of experience, the family has won multiple awards for their maple products.

Adopt one of the Vasseurs’ trees for a year and you’ll receive maple sugar and syrup from the Vasseur sugarbush. Proceeds from adoptions support our partnering sugarmakers and fund research to protect future maple production. Adoption provides an opportunity for you to support talented craftsmen and protect the environment, while indulging in a sweet treat.

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