Brown Toilet Paper: Made from Cardboard Boxes

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CNBC reports that Cascades Tissue Group has introduced a line of toilet paper called Moka that is made from recycled cardboard boxes.

Cascades is betting American consumers have become so accustomed to seeing brown napkins and paper towels they associate these products with a positive environmental message. As a result, Cascades expects some consumers are ready to accept toilet paper that is not the usual bright white.

But Americans have been very resistant to colored bath tissue in the past, and Cascades’ rivals aren’t as confident the market will be receptive to the color choice.

“I think in the back of the mind there is this issue of cleanliness, and white is considered to be a sign of a product that is clean,” said Lisa Morden, tissue product manager for Kimberly-Clark’s K-C Professional North America unit.

Will it fly, or this just green marketing at it’s basest?

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