Crazy Food Inventions

The editors at Esquire mined Google Patents for the strangest culinary creations going back to 1935, then looked into whether they’re being produced today. You know, just in case you want a hamburger bun shaped like a bear.

Combined Hot Dog and Pretzel, Robert M. Kempher, 1990
Still in production? Yes. Auntie Anne’s makes Pretzel Dogs, available fresh and frozen.

Bear Hamburger Bun, Thomas H. Long, Winifred L. Reddick, 1982
Still in production? No, although Arnold Burgers in Amarillo, Texas makes their own teddy-bear buns.

Thumb Lollipop, Frederick L. Craddock, 1940
Still in production? Sort of. A candy called Thumb Dippers also fits over your thumb, but is cylindrical rather than thumb-shaped. Also: you can dip the candy in flavored powders.

Carrot Nightlight, Henry L. Freund, 1995
Still in production? Unfortunately not.

Photos by USPTO.

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