Hygienitech Mattress Cleaning

At first glance your mattress will most likely look just fine. What you don’t realize is that same mattress might be riddled with dust mites. Although the mights aren’t really the problem as much as the Guanine they excrete.

Through the Hygienitech Mattress Cleaning System, that is a problem that will not last for long. Using their portable cleaning device, they are able to clean their customers mattress. The device generates a strong suction, high frequency pulsating waves and a germ killing UV-C light to help kill and remove dust mites as well as other harmful debris from within the mattress. For those with the right entrepreneurial spirit, this can also open up a world of opportunity, too.

Unlike most mattress cleaning services, Hygienitech uses a safe, chemical-free process to clean and sanitize mattresses, which makes a great selling point when you’re talking with potential customers. If that doesn’t win them over, a free five minute dust mite and allergen test might.

When you become a dealer with their company, they want to make sure you get started on the right foot. That is why they make sure to equip each of their dealers with a variety of tools to help get them started, including:

  • One Hygienitech clutch-activated mattress cleaning machine
  • One light-weight case for ease of transportation of your device
  • Nine collection bags which are good for servicing between 100 to 120 mattresses
  • 50 Acarex allergen test kids
  • One mini lab kit
  • 500 sales brochures
  • 2 magnetic signs (for cars)
  • And much more!

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