The World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) recently began franchising in the United States. The program will leverage the organization’s 13 years of success bringing fun and happiness to hundreds of thousands of kickball players across the country and will offer one of the most exciting, affordable, high “fun” franchises in the marketplace.

How WAKA Kickball Works

WAKA kickball is real fun for real people. The average WAKA Kickball player is a young professional (21+). Leagues are co-ed adults and play is like the elementary school game you remember – the one with the big red playground ball. It’s an easy game that is open to all skill levels. (Even YOU can be a kickball superstar!)

A WAKA kickball season generally consists of eight regular season games and a league championship tournament. The leagues are made up of 4-16 co-ed teams. (That means TONS of new people to meet and party with!) Qualifying teams from each league are eligible to compete in the annual Founders Cup World Kickball Championship held in Las Vegas. (It’s true – there really is a World Kickball Championship in Vegas!)

Video below: