People who love stargazing have the opportunity to turn that love into a business of their own. Starscapes is one of the more unique ways available to make money.

A custom painted mural business, Starscapes is a business that sells murals that are painted by an “Artist-Illusionist”. These starry night skies can be painted on ceilings or walls in just a couple hours, depending on the size of the room that’s being painted.

When the lights are out a crystal clear starry night will show up on the ceiling for an amazing view that is so good it is almost surreal. The mural will appear as if it was a clear, cloudless night making it feel like you are standing outside staring up at the sky.

A StarBiz educational package is sold to potential business owners once they decide on whether this business is for them. This package includes:

  • Educational materials.
  • Equipment bag with equipment and tools.
  • Important supplies that is enough to do around 100-150 rooms.
  • Samples that can be used when promoting your services.

Becoming an “Artist-Illusionist” can also be learned in your own home, usually within one weekend. Going through the process of learning how to get started is something that is meant to be very exciting and is for someone who appreciates the beauty of night.