Paramedic Back-Saver

‎Park Record:

Park City local Robert Heck had an idea. With a simple concept and years of tinkering away at it as a hobby, he turned that idea into a prototype, gained a business partner and is putting that product into consumers’ hands.

EZ Lift, the new-to-market back brace for emergency responders, helps transport patients comfortably and safely and most importantly more effectively. The back brace was dubbed “EZ Lift” because of how it simplifies the process for getting patients onto gurneys so that firefighters and emergency medical technicians are less likely to develop back injuries.

“Parademics have to get their patients from the ground to the gurney,” Heck said. ” any trauma victim, anyone that falls in their house or anywhere, they get put on a back board and lifted from the ground up to the gurney.”

Heck, an emergency medical services doctor working in Salt Lake City, said it was only through his connection at work that he realized there was a problem, that paramedics were constantly hurting themselves on the job. The EZ Lift system came to him in a moment at the gym when he was dead lifting weights, but knew he faced challenges since the longstanding backboard system EMTs and firefighters use hadn’t innovated in decades.

The idea was simple: lift patients from a higher point off the ground, making the lift easier for the EMT. The EZ Lift system includes a retractable handle so that responders will lift patients from the ground and onto a gurney.

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