Want to Start a Knife Sharpening Business? Here’s How

Are you thinking of starting a knife sharpening business? If you are, we have some ideas for you.

Starting a knife sharpening business is a lot like starting any other kind of business. Specifically, the first thing you’ll need to do is make sure there’s a market for your services.


First, Research the Market

To use an real-life example, a Reddit user who was thinking about starting a mobile knife sharpening business had this to say:

I’m working on a plan to start a knife sharpening business. It would be catered towards restaurants, retirement homes, culinary school students, etc. I used to work in kitchens. And once I worked at a place where a knife sharpener came by every 3-4 weeks to sharpen knives ($5 a piece, I think). I’ve Googled similar services in my area, and they do exist. This means to me that it’s a viable idea. However, mostly they seem to be mail-order type deals. (You send a bundle of knives, they sharpen and mail them back.) I’m more interested in going out and aggressively seeking out establishments that could use my services. However, I would be less interested in services to individuals.


Make a Plan for Your Knife Sharpening Business

If this sounds like a path you’d like to take with your knife sharpening business, go out and talk to a few restaurant owners. Find out if they are interested in your services, first of all. Also get an idea from them of the price range they would be willing to pay. Will you be able to make a reasonable profit, given what your target audience is willing to pay?

Decide, like the Reddit user above, whether you want to specialize only in knife sharpening services for restaurants or if you want to serve individuals, or both. If you want to provide knife sharpening services for individuals, how will you make your services available to them?

In other words, will yours be a mobile knife sharpening business? Or, will you work out of your home? A rented space? At farmers’ markets and festivals?

Will you need to purchase any equipment or tools before you can start? Perhaps an electric sharpener would help you to provide faster service to your customers. If you can work faster, you can make more money. Therefore, equipment like this could be a great investment. If you decide you want to go this route, check out electric knife sharpener reviews to make sure you’re purchasing the best equipment.


How Much Capital Will You Need to Get Started?

Next, write up a business plan and an estimated budget. Estimate your expenses for tools and supplies as well as ongoing expenses such as rent and the costs for leasing any of your equipment.

Don’t forget to allow money in your budget for marketing. Marketing will be an ongoing expense, but you might need to spend more on that while your knife sharpening business is getting off the ground.




Be Prepared to Work Hard

Getting any business going takes plenty of hard work and dedication. A knife sharpening concern is no exception. However, if you keep your nose to the grindstone, so to speak, you will experience success.

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