As people begin to look for new ways to eat and stay healthy, they are turning towards gyms. It is simply not cost effective for most people to own the gym equipment they need to get fit, and this is where the opportunity turns to you. Gyms can be cost effective for the consumer and a good opportunity for the right entrepreneur.

Illuminate Gym is one such opportunity. This company is currently looking for potential franchisees that will help them grow their business across the country. They are committed to helping communities in the US work towards a healthy lifestyle. They offer unique services such as their “High Oxygen Training” and also offer a unique “gym culture” which, they feel, has the potential to change the way we look at fitness.

So why should you consider Illuminate Gym over some of the other gym franchises available? Here are a few examples of what they feel makes them unique:

  • People are being exposed to the stereotypical “gym culture” that we want to move away from at illuminate gym because that culture is intimidating and usually alienates those who need help with their fitness the most.
  • People’s goals and needs are not considered at most gyms or by many personal training gyms. Workouts need to be tailor made for each individual client and their personal needs and goals. At illuminate gym we understand that our clients are the core of our business. If there needs are catered to then your business will flourish in your community.
  • People need to be accountable because it’s too easy to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock or to decide they’re too tired after work to get to the gym. However, at illuminate gym personal trainers will keep their clients accountable by setting up specific times for clients to come in and workout. In other words, if people are not committed to their fitness goals then they will also let their personal trainers down.
  • People are looking for something different out of a gym. illuminate gym could be that different gym experience that your clients are looking for.

The initial franchise fee is currently between $9,000-$15,000. By the time you’re done paying for computers, equipment, staff, etc, the cost to start this franchise could be anywhere from $57,850 and $213,350.



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