Captain Ice Cream from ABC’s The Shark Tank is now offering franchises.

More info from their press release is after the jump.

The Captain Ice Cream Franchise: “Ice Cream on 3-Wheels to Go Anywhere the Business Is.”

Captain Ice Cream is a taking the mobile novelty ice cream franchise business to an entirely new level with his stunning Ice Cream Mopeds. Captain Ice Cream’s mission is to provide franchisees with an inexpensive and well-designed solution to allow them to go anywhere the business is and to return with money, money, money.


Now, you too, can inexpensively own the best and most efficient mobile ice cream vending machine ever – a Captain Ice Cream Ice Cream Moped – and reap big financial rewards. Time after time! Year after year!

Because of the unique size of Captain Ice Cream’s Ice Cream Moped, plus the fact that it is street legal in all 50 states and will pass the strictest of health department requirements, means a Captain Ice Cream franchisee can attend trade shows, farmer’s markets and street fairs by fitting nicely into a standard 10’x10’ booth space – you can’t do that with a smelly old ice cream truck.

Plus, since there is no setup, you just ride in, pop up your umbrella and start selling. When the event is over, wave to the other vendors as you ride away as they begin to tear down their displays and pack them into their pickup trucks for the next hour.

Go deep into parks, ride on bicycle paths and on boardwalks (please check your local laws first). Be a part of the action — not in an expensive storefront waiting for customers who never arrive.

Potential customers will stop dead-in-their-tracks when they see your Captain Ice Cream Ice Cream Moped. From there, it’s an easy sale.


Captain Ice Cream offers complete turnkey franchises at a fraction of typical food industry business costs. With no long-term store leases or building costs, you are in business immediately. And you can instantly ride to where the customers are.

There are two Captain Ice Cream franchise packages available:

1) The Complete Kit: includes one brand-new Captain Ice Cream Ice Cream Moped with reflective Captain Ice Cream billboards on all four sides, one red and blue screen printed white Captain Ice Cream umbrella, 500 business cards with your printed name and telephone number, one complete Captain Ice Cream uniform (includes includes Captain Ice Cream custom t-shirts, one pair of white Dickies® shorts and one pair of black and white checkerboard Vans® slip-on shoes) and one-year’s $2495.00 royalty fee paid (fee paid annually). $12,495.00 (delivery, license, health department inspection costs, state sales tax and city business licenses are not included).

2) The Complete Kit plus Captain Ice Cream Hauler: includes #1, plus one brand-new Warn Winches / Pullzall winch and ramp-equipped 2010 Ford Transit Connect XLT Van (with optional rear window glass) painted white with Captain Ice Cream graphics on all four sides: $44,495.00 (delivery, additional options, license, health department inspection costs, state sales tax and city business licenses not included).

Customers will love their Captain Ice Cream experience! The instant they see the incredible Captain Ice Cream Hauler and Ice Cream Moped, then hear the vintage ice cream bells, they’ll know a very special experience awaits them. And the delicious Captain Ice Cream Novelty Ice Cream treats will keep your customers coming back time after time! Year after year!

You’ll love the fact that you can run your Captain Ice Cream franchise from your home. In fact, your Captain Ice Cream Ice Cream Moped only takes up about the same amount of space as a riding lawnmower — in fact, it will usually fit in between two cars in a two-car garage. Plus, your neighbors won’t complain about the ugly old ice cream truck parked in your driveway. Your Captain Ice Cream Ice Cream Moped requires little maintenance with it’s oil injection system and it sips gas at the rate of about 100 miles per gallon! Captain Ice Cream is really going places. Now, you can, too!

Modular Vehicles, Inc. dba Captain Ice Cream
310 Linwood Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016
Phone: (626) 716-7780

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