There you are, squatted in your workspace that resembles a hobbit hole. You scrunch your way through the front door, past the mountain of boxes squeezed into the corner of your office and sit in your desk that’s slotted between the front door and your huge pile of boxes.

Indeed, space is a difficult thing to come by if you’re searching for somewhere affordable. But that doesn’t mean that finding a new office is a Lord of the Rings-style, epic endeavour. In fact, if you want to stay put in your workplace, you can make a number of handy adjustments to optimise the space you’re in.

Why would I want to do that? you’re probably muttering to yourself, clasping at your purse strings. Well, while space optimisation might seem costly, it will benefit you in the long run with an increase in worker motivation, a “healthier” space and a premises you won’t be frightened to show potential clients.

So, have a gander at some of these space-saving tips to make your workplace less hobbit hole and more like the span of Middle Earth itself.

Put your head in the clouds

There’s little better for a business than technological progress – unless, that is, your business consists of parchment weaving or cheese-yarning or some other ye olde tradition. But if you’re a business in the 21st century, the march of progress is creating more room in your office as hard copies move inexorably into the digital realm.

First off, invest in the bleeding edge of tech with the Cloud. Although it sounds like some weird clan in a Lord of the Rings spin-off, the Cloud is actually a massive virtual hard drive that, depending on how much you fork out, allows you to store the majority of your files on the internet.

Not only will this save you on bulky filing cabinets and masses of paper waste, but it’ll also allow you to share your files quickly and easily across the globe.

Be ruthless – be junk free

Give your workplace a scan – how much of the stuff in it do you *really *need?

You’ve got your fax machine that hasn’t sputtered to life in 20 years, your client documents that wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Life on Mars, and a computer that’s still running DOS and struggles to load up an email.

So, what’s your solution? Be as ruthless as Sauron in your restructuring. That waste of a fax machine? Bin it. Old, obsolete documents? Chuck ‘em.

Not only will this give you more space, but it’ll also give your business a spring clean and a fresh start.

Find room for a whole new level!

You probably don’t consider the space above your head at regular intervals – but give it a go, have a look up. There’s loads of room between you and the ceiling, isn’t there?

If you’re working in a warehouse or large office complex, the potential for that room is huge. Your best bet is to invest in mezzanine flooring. Essentially adding a new level to your building, mezzanine floors are flexible and easy ways to potentially double your space.

Naturally, you’ll have to contact a specialist to ensure you meet all building regulations and get a design to suit you. So grab a mezzanine and take your building to the next level!