No, we’re not talking about the proverbial love bug bite that makes people fall in love or childhood cooties. The Love Bug Solution is a car cleaner that helps protect vehicles from the actual fly. Also known as March Fly, Honeymoon Fly, Telephone Bug, Kissy Bug and Double Headed Bug, these pests are acidic to cars when they splat on the body.

“The Love Bug Solution™ is chemically engineered to be applied wet and when dry it provides a cellophane-like barrier, literally a shield that protects your investment from Love Bugs,” said Sam Yates, The Love Bug Solution™ spokesperson.

Love bugs are trapped on the solution’s surface where they may be safely rinsed off as The Love Bug Solution™ magically dissolves to soapy suds when sprayed with water. “The days of scouring your car or truck’s grill, hood, lights and mirrors are gone. The Love Bug Solution™ takes the major work out of getting rid of love bugs that have taken aim at your vehicle while traveling during love bug season,” Yates added.

The Love Bug Solutionâ„¢ contains no solvents, is biodegradable and is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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