FireIce: Like Water On Steriods

Peter Cordani, a serial inventor, discovered the FireIce gel in 2006, when he was experimenting with protective coatings to defend homes from hurricanes. CNN Money has more:

Peter Cordani is trying to set his hand on fire. The 2,000-degree blowtorch he’s holding clearly works — it just incinerated a piece of wood — but when he touches the flame to his palm, which is coated in a clear gel, nothing happens. He doesn’t even wince.

Talk about standing behind your product. Cordani’s hand is covered with FireIce, a protective substance he invented that prevents fires from starting and smothers those already underway.

“It’s like water on steroids,” he says.

How does it work? According to the company, when FireIce is added to water it forms a firefighting water enhancing gel that stops fire in its tracks. When applied directly attacking structure fires, wildland or brush fires, FireIce® breaks the fire triangle by adhering to the fuel, rapidly cooling the heat source, and suffocating the fuel from its oxygen.

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