Want to go after government contracts? Entrepreneur Outfitters has create a new iPhone app that will allow you to check off each startup business step. Their checklist, which was previously only available in paper format for $150, has been fitted into an $8 app that will guide you through the preparation process. Once it’s complete, you’re ready to try and attract the biggest customer available: the United States.

The 36-step Start Up Checklist app was designed to help individuals create a business and take advantage of the $80 Billion a year the United States government spends on small businesses.

“Following the success of our government contracting company, we created the Start Up Checklist to help other entrepreneurs break into the government market space,” said Rob Hegedus, President and Chief Executive Officer of Entrepreneur Outfitters.

“With its current budgetary constraints, focus on more efficient expenditure of resources, and increase in small business set-aside funding, now is a good time for small businesses to start selling to the largest customer in the world, the Unites States government. We created the Start Up Checklist app to de-mystify this process and, more importantly, make it available to a larger audience.” said Mr. Hegedus.

Image from Entrepreneur Outfitters