Ever wonder about the germs that land on a cake when someone blows out the candles? It was the spit that bothered Russell Brown, reports Columbus Ledger Enquirer.

Brown spent his lunch hour the day after the party shopping for small plastic kazoo-like toys. Then on to the hardware store where he found a variety of small filters.

He tinkered with the toys, took them apart, shaped the filters, reassembled and tested. Again and again.

Upon further research, he discovered the health implications that can accompany the unrestrained mist of one’s breath. A person can walk around with a cold for two or three days before showing symptoms, and those little droplets of saliva carry those viruses that cause colds. As he tested his product, he used a spray gun to make sure the device’s micro filter would block the breath’s spray while allowing enough air flow to keep birthday wishes alive.

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